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Welcome to the home page of the Hair Transplant Centre in the South of France. This website aims at familiarising you with the idea of hair transplants, and introducing you to the various recent techniques available for hair transplants, in particular that used in our centre in Carcassonne. You no longer need to resign yourself to baldness. After several years of wavering results, hair transplants are now reliable and simple, and exceptionally effective. The main idea of the transplant is to take hair from the horseshoe ring around the head wher hair never fall ,and implant it onto the bald area. We can organize your journey in France, our clinic is 40 mn far from international Toulouse.Blagnac airport. We can find for you a room in a very high class hotel in the marvellous medieval city of Carcassonne. Don’t hesitate to contact us by mail, send a picture of you , so we can give you an idea of the cost of an hairtransplant. 3 techniques are currently used, which rely on the principle of removing grafts from the healthy area to replant them on the bald area. The so-called strip technique: this is the oldest method, carried out by cutting out a strip of healthy scalp from which grafts are cut out using a lancet. The doctor then makes incisions in the bald area and places the grafts in them. the disadvantages of this method include the high number of times the grafts need to be handled, as they are living cells and need to be replanted as soon as possible in order for the hair to grow back in the best possible way. The persistence of a scar in the area from which the scalp has been removed. This unsightly scar may be sensitive for several years. The grafts cut out by using a lancet are square whereas the holes for replanting them are round or worse, shaped like slits the FUE technique ( follicular unit extraction) This more recent technique consists in removing hair follicles one by one from the healthy area then, after having sorted them, replanting them in the bald area using a special machine known as a Choi implanter. The disadvantages of this method include the duration of the operation (several hours for a sufficient number of grafts) the thickness obtained at the level of the replanted area is often low, looking more like down due to the fact that the hairs are replanted one by one. Our so-called MFUE technique (multi-follicular unit extraction): This represents the latest development in terms of hair transplants, and is the outcome of observing the results of the other techniques, from which it takes the advantages without the disadvantages. the idea is to remove round grafts of 1.5 to 2mm in diameter, known as patches, each patch containing 4 to 6 follicles, removed one by one from the healthy area. These patches are then replanted in small round holes in the bald area. The advantages of this technique are no scarring in the healthy area very good thickness in the replanted area. The small-diameter patches are replanted as a priority on the “frontal hairline” for an aesthetic result that looks very natural: patches that are larger in diameter are replanted in the back area of the head ensuring the thickness of the graft. Our commitments Our centres pride themselves on their competent teams, trained in the latest techniques. Our doctors only use the MFUE method as it is the most efficient. They undertake to follow regular courses to ensure that their technique is constantly improved. Our centres are based within “classic” medico-surgical private hospitals where all disciplines are represented; this means that, where necessary, relevant services and quality care are close at hand, guaranteeing a certain “morality”. Our doctors will not hesitate to refuse a transplant if they believe that it is not necessary or that its results will disappoint the patient. The doctor performing the transplant will be the same doctor you saw during your consultation; this doctor will be present from beginning to end of the operation, and will be exclusively responsible for removing the grafts, making the transplant holes, implanting the follicles and the post-transplant follow-up. Our doctors are, of course, registered with the Conseil de l’ordre des médecins (Medical Board) and all have professional liability insurance.
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